Get a Quote on Artificial Turf in Melbourne The Best Costs Less than you Think!

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Although the climate in Melbourne is a bit wet, we still love to spend some quality time in our backyards. The last thing we want to be doing is weeding and mowing constantly during those rare moments of Melbourne sunshine.

Unlike other lawns, your grass will not become patchy, dry and full of weeds, on the contrary, it will remain green looking all year round. During the summer, there is no better place to relax and enjoy the weather than a lush green garden.

If you properly maintain your lawn, it looks beautiful and is a great addition to a backyard, if however you are irritated by the thought of having to maintain a lawn, you could choose artificial grass over natural grass. Here are a few things to take into consideration prior to making such a big decision:

What Length Do You Want It To Be?

When you look at high quality artificial grass, you may be surprised that it looks just like real grass. We offer a variety of lengths, the look varies largely depending on the color as well as the length of the artificial lawn. If the landscaping is for a home, it is our recommendation that a longer length of around 35mm is purchased, this adds volume and makes it feel more natural, If however aesthetics is not a priority, then we also offer a few shorter lengths.

If for example you do have pets, and entertaining in the yard is not something you do often we would then recommend a shorter length grass, it may not look as pretty, but with pets it will be much easier to maintain.

How Much Maintenance Is Required?

One of the best advantages when choosing synthetic grass in Melbourne is that it is very low maintenance. Insects, weed control, regular mowing, fertilizing, dead or worn out spots are not an issue. If you live in an area prone to droughts this is a great choice being as you do not have to water. Artificial turf is a bonus if you have pets and children regularly running around the house and yard. All it needs is to be brushed twice a year and refilled so that the blades stay up.

How Does It Feel?

Although the newest varieties of Melbourne artificial grass are softer, more similar to real grass, the feel between your toes as you walk around is very different. Once again, choosing the length that best fits your purpose will have a lot to do with how your turf feels.

How Much Does It Cost?

The prices are all calculated based on the area in question. On our web page there is a form that will provide you with a quick quote. If you give us a call it would be our pleasure to stop by with a sample. The price on installation will also vary and require an in-home quotation.

What Impact Does This have On The Environment?

Greenhouse gas effects such as carbon monoxide are reduced by real turf and rain is allowed to seep into the soil. This helps to enrich the water reserves in the ground. These lawns however would require regular fertilizing and watering. Watering and fertilizing is not something that artificial lawns require and newer varieties of artificial grass do allow rainwater to percolate as well. The one environmental implication is that they are made entirely out of plastic.

What Is The Long Term Investment?

The above mentioned factors are what your final choice should be based off of. If you are planning on enhancing your home for a future sale, natural lawn is the way to go.If you are planning to settle down in the home, since all you have to do is out the lawn in and voila, artificial grass may be the smarter choice. The choice between purchasing natural or synthetic grass can be greatly influenced by personal preference, however, if you or any member of your family have an allergy to grass or insects, artificial grass is a better choice.

Sports Centers and Commercial Buildings

When Melbourne based businesses such as sports facilities or child care centers decide to install artificial grass, a professional rubber surfaces consultant should always be consulted, they will able to take everything into consideration. They will consider the following:

  • How big the area is
  • How much maintenance will the area receive
  • What activities will it be able to handle
  • How much weight will be placed around the surface

A professional rubber surface installer will be able to suggest the best options for a commercial property, ensuring that you get exactly what you need.